Man accused of running over and killing ducks on purpose

The ducklings that were orphaned after their mother was run over by a car Sunday, are thriving.

They have been taken in by animal rescuer in Conway.

This comes after Myrtle Beach police officers cited a 72-year-old man after witnesses said the man intentionally ran over ducks.

Robert Allen Willard of Myrtle Beach was ticketed on Monday afternoon, and was cited for for Mistreatment of Animals.

Officers were called to Myrtlewood Villas regarding a complaint of mistreatment of animals on Sunday around 1:00 p.m., according to the police report.

Three witnesses told police that Willard intentionally ran over a group of ducks that were trying to cross 48th Avenue North near Wild Iris Drive.

They said traffic was stopped to allow the female mallard and ducklings to cross the road.

Witnesses said Willard sped up and hit the mother duck and several ducklings.

The property maintenance buried the duck carcasses and The Snake Chaser collected the orphaned ducklings who then gave them to Conway resident and animal rescuer Elizabeth Alfieri.

Alfieri explained that she plans to raise the ducklings and has taken on a motherly role for them.

"Since I've had them and I will be working with them everyday, all day, most of the day, they will become imprinted on me and I will be quote unquote Mom," she explained, "so they'll follow me around and I'll be going through the motions of teaching them to swim, eat, all that good stuff, making sure they're safe at night."

Alfieri and her husband also take in other rescue animals. Many of them have also been abused. To help or if you come across a wild animal that needs to be rescued, she says you can call 843-365-8555.