Man accused of neglecting his 11 dogs

The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office says it has a warrant to arrest Wayne McCall, 45, of Clio for Animal Neglect after officers say he did not provide food and water for his four hounds, five pit bulls, one shepherd mix and a chihuahua.

Deputies also found charred animal remains on the property.

"I saw charred remains. I can only assume that either the dogs died of natural causes or were killed and then were burned," said Kenny Hinson with the Humane Society of Marlboro County.

Deputies went to McCall's home on Highway 381 in Clio on an unrelated matter last Friday and found three dogs that appeared to be malnourished.

Deputies notified the Humane Society of Marlboro County ( who went to check out the animals Wednesday morning.

"The conditions are horrendous. The dogs appear to be fairly healthy, but they're all thin. They had no food. Some of them had no water. It's just inconceivable that someone would house animals in those conditions," Hinson added.

Humane Society officials fed and gave water to all of the dogs Wednesday, including a horse.

McCall's daughter Inya David says her father's dogs haven't been neglected.

She says the dogs are given food and water every day.

David says one dog managed to get loose from its chain and was injured, but otherwise is OK.

She says they provide excellent care for the animals.

A hearing will be held on the custody of the dogs in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the Humane Society has temporary custody of the dogs, but has no place to house them. They were forced to leave the animals at McCall's home.

The county shelter is full, and there are no foster homes available.

"We can't move these dogs out of these horrible conditions, because our facility is full and our foster homes are full. We're hoping that people in the community will step forward and offer to foster, and we're also hoping that people will step forward and help us fund the medical care."

The Humane Society says it will continue to provide food, water and medical care for the animals until foster homes are found.

If you would like to help foster the animals or donate money to help with medical care you're asked to call the Humane Society of Marlboro County at (843) 479-3330.

You can also email them at