Making Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach more welcoming

A major entrance into Myrtle Beach will see some changes.

Wednesday, the Highway 501 Overlay Committee met for the second time in as many months to discuss methods on how to improve the road's look.

Eddie Parker said he's been asking about it for years.

"Beautification has been a problem ever since we've been here because of the types of businesses that's been around us all these year," said Parker.

He's owned PCW Appliances on 501 for 38 years, and he's tired of the image some businesses along the highway display.

"If a person wants to go to a strip club, that's their right," said Parker. "But you should make them attractive also. Have them have a dress code."

Making ordinances to implement along the entire corridor of Highway 501 has been difficult. Because if you're drive into Myrtle Beach using Highway 501, you drive through areas inside the city limits that actually belong to Horry County.

"501 looks like it's all Myrtle Beach, but it's not," said Myrtle Beach spokesperson Mark Kruea. "It's in two different jurisdictions. You've got one foot in the city, and you've got one foot in the county and the rules are a little bit different. It's one of the older main roads in town. So it's grown up, and it needs a little bit of attention."

That attention is what the highway overlay committee plans to agree on.

But once Myrtle Beach and Horry County agree on the changes, businesses will only have to comply if they renovate their properties.

"I don't think the committee is looking for immediate changes, but they're looking to put rules in place that would as redevelopment occurs bring about a more beautiful entry way into Myrtle Beach."

Parker just hopes those changes to improve he road's look, don't hinder traffic through the area.

"I don't want an median up here," said Parker pointing to the section of Highway 501 in front of his store.

He said a median there would slow traffic down and prevent some tractor trailers from delivering to his store.