Luminaries help loved ones through holiday season

As the Christmas season approaches, many of us remember those who are no longer with us to help celebrate the holidays.

Saturday evening, the Goldfinch-Hillcrest cemetary held a luminary service to bring loved ones peace during the holiday season.

Lynn Spires of Conway lost her husband, Frank, six years ago in December.

"So we had a sad Christmas, but I'm here to keep his memory alive and it renews me," said Spires.

Every grave had a luminary in front of it that was lit at dusk.

"This is for the living tonight, to reconnect," said Spires.

Those who attended the service connected with each other through their common bond. A grieving journey they all shared.

But for a flicker in time, loved ones were reconnected with those they lost, to light the way through the holiday season.

"I feel that I have celebrated Christmas with Frank," said Spires.