Lt. Governor stops in Horry County on his "Face of Aging" tour

Lt. Governor

South Carolina Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell made a stop in Horry County Tuesday during his Face of Aging Tour.

He will make 11 stops in the state during the tour, and hold public forums to hear how people believe South Carolina can improve their care for the elderly and disabled.

Mazie Graham was at Tuesday's stop at the Horry Georgetown Technical College campus in The Market Common in Myrtle Beach. She is the former administrator for Oasis Residential and Adult Day Care. She says it's tough to make ends meet.

"We just have to stretch our budget as far as we can," said Graham. "We always need things."

Those concerns are exactly why the Lt. Governor is conducting the face of aging tour.

"But to win this fight, I got to go to the four corners of the this state and hold these forums and get the public support and get the ideas to take back to the General Assembly and turn this around," said Lt. Governor McConnell.

McConnell said he has seen too many seniors in need not to make a change.

"We have 8,000 people, some just need a meal a day, some just need transportation to a doctor. I'm not going to leave those people behind," said McConnell.

Graham's response to the meeting was positive.

"I thought finally, somebody realizes the problem that we have!" said Graham.

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