Longs woman wins $202,000 in lottery tickets

A Longs woman bought 50 Pick 4 tickets and won a combined $202,000.

She played 3 - 9 - 2 - 7 on all the tickets for the May 13 evening Pick 4 drawing to win.

Total cost of the tickets was $50.

The winner said she doesn't play her numbers every day, but has bought that many tickets at once before. She bought the tickets from the Long Bay Convenience Mart on Highway 9 West in Longs.

Of the 50 Pick 4 tickets purchased, 30 were played straight, meaning the numbers had to match in the exact order draw to win $5,000. The remaining 20 tickets were a straight/box play, meaning the numbers could match in the exact order or any order drawn to win $2,600.

Odd of winning $5,000 playing Pick 4 are 1 in 10,000. Odds of winning $2,600 are 1 in 417.