Locals not impressed with calorie counting menu boards

It's getting easier to know the caloric intake of your fast food meal. Calorie counting Mc


onald's menu boards are popping up around Myrtle Beach.

Inside and drive


thru menus include calorie counts for kids meals, value meals, and individual items.

Fast food frequenters in our area aren't convinced the calorie lists will make a difference.


I don't think it's going to make a difference at all. It's like putting a warning label on a pack of cigarettes, people still smoke cigarettes. Put the calorie count, people are still going to get fast food," Seaton Kryer said.

Kim Specht is torn. "It's a good idea because some people might look at it and change what they are going t eat, but I am going to get what I want regardless of what it says the calories are in it," she said.

The International Food Information Council Foundation says about 15 percent of Americans accurately estimate the number of calories they need to maintain their weight.

This fall, about a thousand Grand Strand Mc


onald's employees will also take an e-learning online nutrition class.