Locals divided on possible strike in Syria

Locals are voicing mixed reactions to a possible strike in Syria, although many say it's a good thing President Obama went to Congress for approval first.

"I do believe that we should not just stand by and watch somebody just wipe out people, it's almost that same type of thing of bullying, do you stand by and watch people get bullied," asked Myrtle Beach resident Lynn Gallagher.

Others say the military action against Syria is a bad idea, like Myrtle Beach resident Robert Sheehan.

"I don't think they should strike Syria because I don't think there's an attainable objective. I think that the path of punishing somebody is vague and unclear," he explained.

Although President Obama assured the American people that this campaign would not be a ground attack. Some, like Sunset Beach resident Bob Mazura argued that any strike will simply put more U.S. military in harm's way.

"Think about it if you were the guy on the ground getting sent there, look at it that way."

But, one thing that some in our area can agree on is that the President did the right thing by going to Congress for approval.

"I think we have a history of Presidential action without securing Congressional support and Congressional support is the closest thing we have to public support," said Sheehan.

Although not everyone agrees on why the President secured Congressional support.

"He went to Congress just to cover his own butt basically so that he can't just say he made this decision, we all made this decision," explained Gallagher.

Although Congress is not back in session for another week, a decision by Congress could take up to two weeks.