Local piers washed away by Hurricane Matthew

The Surfside Beach pier on Saturday afternoon after a large portion of it was washed away by Hurricane Matthew. (Jason Diggs)

Piers across the Grand Strand took a hit from Hurricane Matthew.

The Springmaid Pier is "gone," according to Donald Hovis, an employee there. A photo he shared shows almost none of the pier left.

A large part of the Surfside Beach pier was washed away by Hurricane Matthew, according to the Town of Surfside Beach.

Our reporter Liz Cooper went to the area to see the destruction.

As of around 2 p.m. the 2nd Avenue Pier was in tact, but had some damage, according to our reporter Eddie Kadhim who was at the scene.

The Garden City pier also appears to be in tact, as of around 2 p.m., according to our reporter Amanda Kinseth who is in the area.

Horry County officials also said that damage to the Apache Pier had been reported, but no information about the specifics was available.

We will continue to bring you updates on this as information comes in to the newsroom.

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