Local Obamacare counselors see improvement with website

The first deadline in the implementation of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is December 23rd. Those who want coverage starting January 1st will have to be enrolled by December 23rd, although enrollment will continue, without penalty, through March 31, 2014.

Fortunately for those looking for health insurance, got a major overhaul during the last weekend of November, increasing the speed and efficiency of the troubled website.

Local healthcare advisors at Healthcare Partners South Carolina INC. In Conway say they've noticed a difference in the new site. "Finally this week we were able to go online and start from beginning to end and get people enrolled," said Diane Thomas, a Certified Application Counselor with HPSC.

Thomas says she's been spending between 45 minutes and one hour with her clients, guiding them step by step through the process.

Right now she and the two other counselors at HPSC are seeing between five and ten clients per day, but Thomas says the number could jump in the home stretch. "We are getting more questions especially this week with the re-launch of the website and also with the deadline coming up."