Local food bank receives 677 pound donation

The Twelfth Circuit Solicitor's office in South Carolina made the following announcement Thursday about a donation to a local food bank:

The Florence branch of Harvest Hope Food Bank received a donation of 677 pounds of food from the office of Twelfth Circuit Solicitor E.L Clements , III on Thursday.

The donation was gathered through the efforts of the Juvenile Arbitration Office and will be made at the Harvest Hope warehouse on West Lucas Street in Florence.

"Solicitor Clements's Juvenile Arbitration program provides a double benefit to the Florence community by giving young people the opportunity to turn their lives around through community service while giving to the needy," said Harvest Hope's Pee Dee Branch Manager Michael Murphy.

"Their 277 pound donation last November through this program did much to feed the hungry in the Pee Dee, and we will put this recent donation to good use right away," continued Murphy.

The Juvenile Arbitration Program is designed to divert first time non-violent/non-status offenders out of the Family Court system and into an informal arbitration setting that is operated by trained, committed volunteers using the Restorative Justice Model.

The program has partnered with Harvest Hope Food Bank in order to teach the lessons of making the right choices and bring the blessings of giving to young people passing through the Arbitration Program.

Please see the attached photographs showing Solicitor E.L. Clements, April Watson, Twelfth Circuit Solicitor's Office Director of Juvenile Diversion Programs and Harvest Hope Pee Dee Director Michael Murphy receiving 677 pounds of food donated through the Juvenile Arbitration Program.

For more information, call (803) 254-4432 ext 2107 or (803) 466-2250.

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