Local drivers respond to proposed texting while driving ban

South Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a statewide ban on texting while driving on Wednesday.

Under the ban approved by the state House and Senate on Wednesday, drivers can still text on a handheld device if stopped at a red light or stop sign. GPS navigators and texting to contact emergency services would be permitted.

Drivers would not receive penalty points, but would face fines starting at $25.

One area resident said she thinks that fine is "nothing."

"One hundred dollars should be enough. Not twenty five. Twenty five dollars is nothing. One hundred dollars and they would think twice before answering the text," said Norma Cosme, a local driver.

Police would issue warnings for the first 180 days of the ban before handing out citations.

"That's like opening up the conversation," said local driver Florence Schimmel. "Helping people be aware of the dangers involved."

If signed by the Governor, South Carolina would be the second to last state to have a law on texting. Montana is the only other state without a law on the books.

"We should have been there, done that," said Chris Griffin, another local driver. "But it's better late than never."