Local autism advocates excited for 'Julia' to debut on Sesame Street

(MGN photo. Credit to: Seasame Workshop)

A new muppet is coming to Sesame Street and she has many people very excited.

Her name is Julia and she has autism.

She first appeared on Sesame Street's online digital storybook series back in 2015, but she's making her T.V. debut next month.

The show's creators say they hope Julia will help children better understand playmates who have autism.

Local Behaviorial therapist Diane Owens, at S.O.S Healthcare in Myrtle Beach, says it's great to see someone like Julia added to the cast.

She says kids need to learn about their classmates who have special abilities.

"Just because they may have these deficits doesn't mean that they're not capable, doesn't mean they don't understand what's going on in the world. Sometimes it just takes them a little bit longer time for them to process what's going on and that's what they said about Julia," Owens said.

Owens says the show and the new character are great education tools.

She hopes as they watch Julia - kids will learn to be patient and respectful of people who are different.

"The writer of the show was talking about how she just hopes in time that she's just known as Julia, not Julia the girl with Autism and she just becomes part of the cast," Owens said.

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