Let it snow! Some Dillon residents want more of it

For people who live in areas that got a couple inches of snow, many took Tuesday to enjoy the rare snow day.

People who live in the city of Dillon were among them.

East Main Street was blanketed with a layer of snow, as snow clung to trees, buildings, and roads.

There were people driving in the snow, but there weren't too many out in the elements enjoying the snow as it fell.

Allen Grant was out in the snow with his camera taking photos of snow-covered landmarks throughout the city.

"I got a couple shots of the courthouse and the city government complex, and I was going right around to see what kind of shots I could get," Allen said.

Allen said he was even more motivated to get outside in the snow on Tuesday, because he was unable to when the first winter storm hit two weeks ago.

"I had the flu and wasn't able to get out," he said.

Not only were people taking photos of the snow, but there were some families playing in it, as well.

Jesse, 9, and Ashlyn,12, Miller were building a snowman with their father outside of their home.

Both Jesse and Ashlyn said the snow consistency is sticky so it makes it easier to build snowman and make snowballs.

However, it's more than just building snowmen and having snowball fights for Jesse. The snow is an opportunity to bond with his family.

"We usually all get out together and I love it," he said.

Although Jesse, Ashlyn, and Allen all enjoy the snow and being out in it, they also agree on something else: They want more snow.