Layaway angels strike the Grand Strand

Life for Debbie Plew can sometimes get hectic.

"We have three little ones and our grandson right now," said Plew. She and her boyfriend Ron Denley live in North Myrtle Beach with their children 4-year-old Brandon, 3-year-old Devon, 1-year-old Rylee and their grandson 2-year-old Phillip.

Taking care of four children is a handful, said Debbie, but it's also pricey. "There's absolutely no way to get four babies what they want."

This Christmas she placed the children's toys on layaway.

And with the constant reminders from Brandon that, "Santa's coming in six days," Debbie doubted she could make the payments in time.

Until she received a call that she couldn't believe.

"They're like, the layaway angels have been here and paid on your layaway. I went huh? And I just started crying."

The layaway angel trend continues to sweep across the nations at retail stores, but more specifically at K-Mart stores.

"We were so happy for the families, because we got the good part," said K-Mart associate Fran Bishop. "We got to sit down and tell the people what had just happened."

On Sunday, two different couples came into the Myrtle Beach store and paid the balances of twelve layaways down to less than ten dollars. Both couples asked to remain anonymous. But one couple said all they ask is for the people they help to pay it forward and help others.

Debbie's total went from over $40 to only $7.20.

The accounts need to be completely paid off by the layaway owner.

The layaway angels only had one stipulation, said Bishop.

"He said all I ask is that the layaways have toys."

Now, those toys make Debbie and her family forever grateful and forever thanking someone they'll never know. "All I can do is say thank you. God bless you. Merry Christmas. Happy Holiday," said Debbie as she started to cry.