Laurinburg police search for suspects in early morning shooting

Shawn Emmanuel Henderson, photo courtesy of Laurinburg Police

Laurinburg officers were called to the 1100th block of South Caledonia Road early Wednesday morning to reports of shots being fired.

When they got there around 1:00 a.m., they found Markea White,21, of Laurinburg, lying on the pavement with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper and lower body, according to a police report.

Officers and detectives found several items of evidence near the crime scene, including several rounds of spent ammunition from an assault style rifle, the report stated.

Detectives are still gathering information surrounding the case and currently have warrants on file for three of the four gunmen for Attempted Murder.

Police are searching for Rodriquez Antonio Henderson ,Shawn Emmanuel Henderson and Nicholas McNeil, all of Laurinburg. Detectives are also searching for a fourth suspect in the shooting, but currently decline to identify that person to preserve the integrity of the case.

The victim is being treated in an undisclosed location.

Police consider the gunmen armed and absolutely dangerous, according to Interim Police Chief Kim Monroe.

Police are asking the community and surrounding agencies for help in locating and apprehending the suspects.

Anyone with information are encouraged to call 911 or Scotland Crime Stoppers at 291-3333.