Laurinburg police arrest suspect in attempted robbery, more arrests possible

Laurinburg police officers are looking for those who were involved in an attempted robbery at the WilcoHess store on Church Street Sunday.

Police said multiple people busted the front glass out of the business. Once inside, they filled up a trash can with cigarettes.

They left when the alarm went off and even left the merchandise behind.

One man was found less than a mile away with glass on his shirt

Laurinburg officers arrested Elton Scott, 54, of Fairmont and he was taken to the Scotland County Detention Center.

He is being charged with Felony Breaking and Entering and Attempted Felony Larceny.

Scott is being held on a $25,000 bond and is expected to appear in court Tuesday.

Laurinburg police officers are still investigating.

They believe more than one person was involved in this crime

, according to Assistant Police Chief Charles Sessoms.