Latta's recreation director pleads guilty to Driving Under Suspension

Vontray Sellers

Latta Recreation Director Vontray Sellers pleaded guilty in Magistrate Court in Dillon Tuesday to one count of Driving Under Suspension.

He was sentenced to time served.

Latta police arrested Sellers on February 20 for Driving Under Suspension First Offense, according to an incident report.

The now former Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore got an inquiry from a resident saying Sellers license was suspended, the report said.

An investigation found that his license was suspended following a Reckless Driving charge in Dillon on June 30, 2013, according to the police report.

The report said the suspension began November 25, 2013, three months before Sellers was hired as the Latta Recreation Director.

He had been driving the town's van while his license was suspended, according to the arrest report.

The advertisement the town posted for the position stated that applicants must have a valid driver's license and a good driving record.

Sellers' attorney spoke on his behalf following Tuesday's court hearing.

"He was driving under suspension. He did not know that at the time. And when he found out about it, he immediately went to the highway department and got what is some type of provisional license ," said Glenn B. Manning, Sellers' attorney.

Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel with the Fourth Circuit Solicitor's Office says Sellers' provisional license was suspended last week after he failed to make a payment with the SC Department of Motor Vehicles.

It was reinstated after Sellers paid the fee.

Latta police had charged him for Driving Under Suspension (DUS) Second Offense, but Daniel said that charge was dismissed in exchange for Sellers' guilty plea to the first Driving Under Suspension charge.

Daniel added that Sellers license will be suspended again in the coming days because he pled guilty to DUS.

"Mr. Sellers license will be suspended since he pled guilty to Driving with a Suspended License, and that is something that we can't control. That's the law. The magistrate will send the proper paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles and his license will be suspended for some short period of time."

Sellers is still employed with the Town of Latta as its recreation director.