Latta man wins $2 million Powerball

A $2 million Powerball® win is a Latta man's ticket to early retirement. The Market Place at 201 W. Carolina Ave. in Hartsville sold the $2 million winning ticket.

Sunday morning, he saw five lottery numbers he'd waited ten years to be drawn.

The birth dates of his mother, brother, daughter, grandmother and his own were Saturday night's winning Powerball® numbers (5, 13, 17, 20, and 30 PB: 18). Spending the extra $1 for PowerPlay® increased his would be $1 million prize for matching all five white balls to $2 million.

The millionaire jumped off the couch and ran outside to tell his wife he won the Lottery.

"He was as white as a piece of cotton," she said. "I thought something was wrong."

According to the winner, everything was finally right.

"We're not extravagant people," the winner said.

The couple's only splurge will be a new car. They plan to live off the rest of the winnings, a nest egg they can't thank Danny at The Market Place in Hartsville enough for selling them.

The winner will continue to play the Lottery. He just won't be buying tickets on his way to work anymore.

"I'm calling my boss and letting him know he needs to find someone else," the millionaire said.

The odds of winning $2 MILLION playing Powerball are one in 5,153,633.

The Market Place in Hartsville received a commission of $20,000 for selling the claimed ticket.