Laser pointed at Coast Guard during boater search

Horry County police SUV on the beach after launching a rescue boat

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Thursday evening the U.S. Coast Guard, Horry County police, and North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue responded to an overturned boat off the coast just south of Apache Pier, but during the search the Coast Guard helicopter had to leave the scene after a green laser was pointed into the aircraft.

The two people on the catamaran were found just before 11:30 p.m. Thursday on shore and in good condition near Briarcliffe Acres. They were treated and released on the scene.

Thursday night, we were told that Horry County police arrested someone for pointing a green laser at the helicopter. Friday morning, Captain Scott Rutherford told us that after speaking with Beach Patrol personnel who were on scene, he learned no arrest was made.

He said that a green laser was shone off the Apache Pier and that the Coast Guard, in return, cast a spotlight and saw an individual running, but "in the follow-up investigation into person(s) allegedly pointing a green laser at rescue personnel/equipment, no arrest was made."

Rutherford said at that time police were focused on finding the boaters.

There's no word yet on what caused the boat to overturn.