Lamar Police Chief fined $15,000 for campaign finance violations

The SC Ethics Commission says it's fined Lamar Police Chief Charles Woodle $15,000 for campaign finance violations committed while he was a candidate for Darlington County Sheriff in 2012.

The commission said Woodle signed a consent order on March 19th admitting he failed to detail campaign contributions and used campaign funds for personal expenses.

The consent order says Woodle has six months to pay the fine.

Woodle's attorney released the following statement in a news release.

"Lamar Police Chief Charles Woodle entered into a Consent Order with the State Ethics Commison dated March 19, 2014, agreeing to a $10,000 fine and an administrative fee of $5,000 for not properly reporting campaign donations. None of the campaign funds were misappropriated for personal use. Chief Woodle has cooperated with the Ethics Commission and been forthcoming in providing the requested information. All errors were corrected in amended campaign disclosure reports by Chief Woodle prior to the action brought by the Ethics Commission.

Chief Woodle has served nearly 30 years in law enforcement without any ethics or legal concerns. He has an accomplished record, illustrating a life-time of public service dedicated to the public safety of his community.

Chief Woodle is pleased to address the errors in his filings, bring this matter to a conclusion and continue his efforts in service to his community," said James E. Smith, Jr., Woodle's Attorney.

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