Lake City woman upset with Boys and Girls Club


Jennifer Washington said she's had it with the Lake City Boys and Girls Club after her 13-year-old son was beaten up Tuesday by an 18-year-old boy at the club.

Washington said, when her son came home, her relatives called 911 and paramedics took the boy to the hospital.

She said he was diagnosed with having a concussion after the incident.

"He had knots over his head from where the boy was punching him in the head, and he hit him in the chest," said Washington.

Washington said her teenage daughter called to tell her about the fight. She said she didn't get a call from the club's director.

"I was very upset. I had to leave work. And, coming from Florence saying I'm in and out of traffic, not knowing the situation, what's going on. If this was a another, like, a 13-year-old, or something somebody his age, I wouldn't be doing all of this. But this is an 18-year-old and you never call me and let me know what was going on," said Washington.

The Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Neal Zimmerman said safety is their number one concern.

Zimmerman said the director of the Lake City Club followed the proper protocol when dealing with the situation.

He said the director was trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

Zimmerman said, when the director thought he had a sense of what happened, he called Lake City police to investigate the fight.

The director was going to call Washington, but Zimmerman said she showed up at the club.

Washington said she came to the club three hours after the fight and there was plenty of time for the director to call her.

She said her son won't attend the Boys and Girls Club anymore as a of result of what happened.

Lake City Police Chief Kip Coker is investigating the matter. Coker is reviewing cell phone video of the fight as a part of his investigation.

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