Lake City Mayor sets the record straight on his duties

Lovith Anderson

Residents of Lake City have been asking WPDE NewsChannel 15 how Mayor Lovith Anderson can serve as the city administrator and mayor.

We brought those questions and concerns to Anderson, and he told us he wanted to set the record straight.

He said they've been without a city administrator for more than a year, but he isn't serving in that position.

Anderson said Lake City has a Strong-Mayor Weak-Council form of government and part of his role as mayor involves overseeing the day to day operations of the city.

He said he's only being paid as the city's mayor.

"There is not where I am the administrator and the mayor. The mayor's duties contain administrative functions. So it's not a dual role. It's just that I'm serving as the mayor and I hope that people understand that in a strong-mayor council form of government," explained Anderson.

According to the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC), in a Mayor-Council form of government, which is sometimes called a Strong-Mayor form of government, the mayor supervises departments, acts and votes as a member of council, and ensures the faithful execution of laws.

It goes on to say the mayor prepares and submits a budget and capital program to council, makes an annual financial report to the public and council, and reports to the council on the operation of the departments.

MASC says under the Mayor-Council government the council may employ an administrator to assist the mayor.

Anderson said they're actively searching for a city administrator to help run the city.

"In this year's budget, we cut out the assistant administrator's position. We decided we were going to hire us an administrator. We're currently looking for one," Anderson said.

Anderson added they've advertised in local and state newspapers as well placed an ad with the MASC.