Labor Day Weekend: The unofficial end of summer and tourism along Grand Strand

Tourists visiting Myrtle Beach on Saturday were savoring the last few drops of the summer's unofficial end, or Labor Day weekend.

"We decided to come down to the beach for the weekend so they could have a long weekend and just relax and enjoy the beach and hot summer days and tell them it's finally over," said Jennifer Cummings.

Cummings traveled to Myrtle Beach from North Carolina, with her three kids, this holiday weekend.

According to Cummings, Myrtle Beach wasn't as crowded as she expected. She had visited before during the July 4 weekend and said it was noticeably busier then.

After the tourists leave on Monday, many local business owners told WPDE NewsChannel15 that a lot of their business dies down too.

Tourists keep Robert Lanz, owner and artist at Elite Ink Tattoos busy during the summer season. Lanz said he and his crew will do up to 200 tattoos per week.

"We spend 12 hours a day sometimes seven days a week working, and we try to cater to the tourists. So any way I look at it, I thrive on their business and I enjoy them being here, said Lanz.

However, Lanz said he welcomes the new type of business that comes after the holiday weekend.

"This time of year, we are going to work with our locals, which are our number one clients and those are the ones that keep us growing and growing," said Lanz.

Some local residents say there are some benefits to tourists leaving.

"The traffic definitely slows down," said Danielle Renke, co-owner of Sky Fitness 24/7. "We are not waiting nearly as long, which enables us to actually go farther. I find myself going to restaurants on the North side that I generally won't be going to due to the traffic," Renke said.