Know your rights about door-to-door solicitations

The City of North Myrtle Beach can't stop what city spokesman Pat Dowling called an "agressive door-to-door sales organization" from coming to town, but they are making sure residents know their rights.

The city recently put out a letter alerting residents about a home security system company that says its representatives would be in the area soliciting business door-to-door.

The city has an ordinance in place prohibiting door-to-door sales in residential areas, but when they started looking into it, the city's lawyers said the ordinance is unconstitutional, Dowling said.

"Our attorney's opinion is that probably would not cut it in a court of law, especially when you have an aggressive door-to-door sales organization," he said.

The city's letter got the attention of Barefoort Resort resident Glen Talley.

Talley said he started looking in to the company that could be knocking on his door- Vivint.

WPDE also looked in to the company and found several judgements against them.

In Wisconsin, a consent agreement required Vivint to refund $148,000 to consumers misled about their contracts.

In Oregon, the company agreed to a $60,000 settlement and in Contra Costa County, California, they agreed to a $425,000 settlement with Vivint.

In each of these cases, the company agreed to the settlement, but denied any wrongdoing.

Vivint told the city its sales people would canvass North Myrtle Beach throughout the month of August.

The City of North Myrtle Beach says Vivint indicated that their sales people will avoid homes that have "no soliciting" signs posted.

But Talley says he thinks signs in front of every home and condo would look "trashy" and said residents should take a different approach.

"When they knock on your door and they identify their self, I would simply say, I'm not interested and shut the door and forget it," he said.

Vivint sent the following statement to WPDE NewsChannel 15:

"As the largest home automation provider in North America, Vivint has highly-trained sales consultants who know how to tailor security, home automation and energy management solutions to meet the specific needs of South Carolina customers. We look forward to introducing our solutions to the homeowners in North Myrtle Beach during the month of August."