Keeping cops from behind bars

In the past week, two police officers in Horry County have been arrested for domestic violence.

This problem is just not in our area though, it's a nationwide problem.

According to the National Center for Women in Policing, 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence.

"They have a tough job," said Horry County Sheriff's Office Chaplin, Eddie Hill. "They see and do things that we pay them to do, so you and I don't have to."

Hill is trying to work proactively with the Sheriff's Office to give officers a place to vent so they don't take the stress home.

"People are going to misuse their authority. Whether it's a teacher or law enforcement, it happens," said Hill. "Our responsibility though as an agency is to try and get ahead of that, to stop that."

The Sheriff's Office is now offering stress management training annually for all officers.