Keep your furry friends safe and happy this Halloween

Halloween has become a fun holiday for many who celebrate it between the candy consumption and spooky decorations.

However, this festive holiday can be a frightening time to people who have pets.

Holly Bernier has two dogs, Oreo and Roxy.

On Sunday, she shopped at PetSmart to find a Halloween costume for her dog Roxy.

Oreo has been trick-or-treating over the years and wears a bumble bee costume, but this year will be Roxy's first-time trick or treating.

At this point, Holly keeps a few things in mind when buying costumes for her pets when it comes to safety.

"I make sure that it's something colorful and bright that other people can see, because they are small and kids walking by -running fast, or even adults, or even golf carts are out too. So, I want them to be able to see them in bright colors," Bernier said.

It's also important for the costume to fit properly. One sign of the costume not fitting properly is if the pet tries to pull it off or if the pet is unable to communicate (i.e. bark, meow) like usual.

Colorful and well-fitted costumes aside, Robert Hall, a technician at the VCA Palmetto Animal Hospital in Myrtle Beach, said, come Halloween; he sees the highest number of pets come through his doors because of candy consumption, specifically chocolate.

To prevent a pet from getting into the sugary sweets, Hall recommended putting candy in high or hard to reach places, which make it harder for pets to access.

However, if a pet manages to get into the candy, Hall encourages owners to pay attention to a few things.

"Quantity, how much they ate, what kind they ate dark, milk , what kind of chocolate it is, what kind of candy it is, if it's gum. And save the wrappers and the packaging material so we can see the ingredients and know what the ingredients are," Hall said,

Candy isn't the only thing you should keep out of reach from your pets. Veterinarians and pet owners also said it's important to keep trick-or-treaters away, too.

"You know just be mindful that trick-or-treaters are you know strangers to dogs so they may be, when they approach your home, just make sure you have them in a safe place," said Marcus Mcnair, an operations manager at PetSmart, as well as a dog owner.

Veterinarians encourage pets to be put in another room or in a kennel while trick-or-treating is taking place. However, if pet owners want their pets to be a part of the Halloween festivities, putting tags, a collar, or a microchip on a pet will increase the chance of pet being returned if they run away while people are coming to and from your home.

If your pet does encounter any of these problems listed above, local veterinarians recommend you contact them immediately to provide assistance.