Justice Department to review VA whistleblower claims

File image of the VA Medical Center in Myrtle Beach

The U.S. Justice Department says it will review the claims of more than 50 whistleblowers working at VA hospitals and clinics around the country.

One of them is Valerie Riviello, a nurse at a Veterans Affairs facility in New York, who said she saw the clinic restrain a sexual assault survivor to a bed for seven consecutive hours

She released the woman and the next day Riviello said she was removed from her senior position and given a desk job that prohibited her from contact with patients. She was also reprimanded and is facing a 30-day unpaid suspension for releasing the woman.

Riviello, a 28-year veteran with the VA, is one of more than 50 whistleblowers who say the Veterans Affairs Department retaliated against them for trying to do their jobs.

Our corporate investigative media partner, The Washington Times, spoke to Riviello's attorney, Cheri Cannon, who said Riviello is "very upset she can't do her job and unfortunately the veterans are not getting the care of somebody that's been around and knows how to care for veterans with significant injuries coming back from war."

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