Junior lifeguard camp kicks off in North Myrtle Beach

A junior lifeguard camp kicked off in North Myrtle Beach Monday for kids ten to fifteen.

Organizers say the two-week camp will teach kids how to do simple assists, how to navigate in and out of the surf and escape rip currents. Junior lifeguards will also learn about different aquatic hazards such as man-o-wars and sting rays and learn how to do CPR.

Organizers explained another big reason for holding this camp is just to get the kids passionate about lifesaving.

"We're going to have a lot of fun with them for the next two weeks and we make sure that it's a lot of fun, get them interested in lifesaving so when they get older, they're local youth, local teenagers we can hire as ocean lifeguards," lifeguard coordinator Monty Reed said.

Reed added that nearly 35 kids have registered for the two week camp.

On June 29th, junior lifeguards will also be participating in a beach sweep in North Myrtle Beach.