Judge says man can never own animals again

A Florence man has been found guilty of Animal Cruelty following the seizure of 10 animals from a home on Third Loop Road in Florence Tuesday, according to Florence County Environmental Services Director Herbie Christmas.

Christmas says the man's name isn't being released just yet.

Judge Roger Neron Langley ruled the man can no longer own animals, according to Christmas.

He was not fined.

Ten dogs, one chicken and a ferret are being evaluated at the Environmental Services office in Effingham.

The West Florence Fire Department helped because the officers needed breathing apparatus'

Christmas says the animals' owner left them at the home around the last week of March.

Chrismas added that the owner was renting the lot to house his mobile home.

The property owner called environmental services after seeing the dogs left in the home in small, confined crates.

The animals appeared to have been fed, but not taken out of the crates, according to Christmas.

The animals have bad flea problems and have lost most of their hair, Christmas said.

All of the animals have been turned over to Florence County Environmental Services.

You can call Florence County Environmental Services about adopting the animals at 843-665-3053.