Judge denies Marion Nursing Center request to stop federal government from pulling funding

Federal documents say a judge has denied a motion by Marion Nursing Home Center, Inc. for a preliminary injunction to stop the US Department of Health and Human Services from terminating the center's Medicaid and Medicare funding.

Court documents say the center requested the injunction saying termination of Medicaid and Medicare funding would result in patients having to relocate, employees losing their jobs, and severe damage to its reputation.

The department terminated the funding last week after it says an inspection found conditions in the center constituted immediate jeopardy to residents' health and safety and substandard quality care, based on reviews of medical records and interviews with staff and residents.

Among those deficiencies listed in the report:

*A resident with an eye infection who didn't receive daily prescribed eye drops for "a total of 39 days"

*Several residents who "did not have pressure sore dressings in place" per doctor's order

*A diabetic patient who "missed a dialysis appointment" and later died at a hospital

Court documents show the nursing center plans to appeal to an administrative law judge with the Department of Health and Human Services.

No word on when or if that appeal will be heard.

Our calls to Marion Nursing Center, Inc. and its attorneys have not been returned.