Judge decides to set bond for Richard Gagnon

On Thursday, Judge Carmen T. Mullen decided to set bond at $50,000 for Richard Gagnon, who was serving two life sentences for the murders of Charles and Diane Parker. The couple was found dead in their Horry County home in 2005. Gagnon was dating the Parker's daughter, Bambi Bennett, at the time.

In January, Judge Steven John granted Gagnon a new trial after new evidence was presented at recent hearings.

Gagnon was extradited back to Horry County this week.

At the bond hearing, Gagnon requested to go to Pennsylvania where he has friends and family, but the judge denied this request and required Gagnon to stay in Horry County until at least April when they will revisit the bond.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said since 1998 he had never done a reconsideration-type motion before Gagnon's. He said this is something typically done by the Attorney General's office.

"I would say a lot more of them request it, but as far as people getting a new trial, it would probably be 1%," said Richardson.

Richardson added that because of a second hearing there is a lot of evidence that would be available in the second trial, so he said they may have to go out and reinvestigate the case in order to be successful because quite a bit has changed.

Gagnon was released from J. Reuben Long Detention Center on February 15th.