Johnsonville family searches for answers in disappearance of loved one

The family of Julius "JuJu" Gamble, 23, is hoping deputies will be able to tell them what happened to him.

Harriett Kelly said her son went missing Wednesday night and hasn't been seen since.

"The more time goes by the more worried that I'm getting. And I feel that he's somewhere hurt. I don't feel that, it's whatever. He's missing. And whoever got whatever information, you know, please just give it, " said Kelly.

Kelly said she's filed a missing person's report with the Florence County Sheriff's Office and she said an investigator has been assigned to her son's case.

Her family has searched several areas in and around the Johnsonville and Pamplico communities in recent days.

Kelly said every time they call Gamble's two cell phones they go straight to voice mail.

"I don't think it's real. You know, I asked somebody am I dreaming? Am I dreaming?"

Kelly said her son was with his cousin Larry Coles Wednesday.

Deputies arrested Coles, 31, Saturday morning

following a two day manhunt.

Florence County Sheriff's Major Michael Nunn said when deputies stopped a car Coles was riding in Friday morning,

he ran out into the woods near Pamplico.

Nunn said Coles was wanted for questioning in a missing person's case, but they aren't releasing the name of the missing person.

Coles has been charged with Burglary and Simple Larceny.

Kelly is asking anyone who knows what may have happened to her son to come forward.

"Anybody got any information. If you don't want to just tell it, put it on a piece of paper, drop it in a mailbox.

She said his disappearance is tearing their family a part. You know drop it in a mailbox. Just tell where "Ju" is at . I just want to see my child. Tell where he's at."

"JuJu is out there somewhere. I don't feel no other way. I know he's out there, but I don't feel that he can get up to get home or get some help. You know or get someone to just reach out."