Job seekers get help in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WPDE) - Hundreds lined up for a job fair Saturday at the Georgetown County Library.
There were 14 businesses accepting applications and resumes. Among those 14 were the Wal-Mart in Georgetown, the Georgetown YMCA, and the city of Georgetown.

One of the many job seekers lined up was Marvel Holmes. She lost her job of 15 years last December.

She still has not found a job and says, "It's painful everyday. You're out and there's no money coming in but you're spending more money going out trying to find these jobs. So it's hard."

But Holmes, like many others, took that pain and turned it into a pursuit for a job, one booth at a time.

The line progressed and some left with hope they finally found a job. Holmes didn't find one that was right for her, and the end of the job fair was bittersweet.

"It was good that they came because somebody is going to get a job somewhere down the line. It might not be everybody, but it'll be somebody," she adds.

The library officially unveiled it's business center as well.

They will be offering classes in Microsoft Office, resume writing, and interview skills.

For more information you can visit the library's website or call them at (843) 545-3300.