Info you need to know for Tuesday's runoff

The 7th Congressional district runoff elections between Republican candidates Andre Bauer and Tom Rice and Democratic candidates Gloria Bromell Tinubu and Preston Brittain is Tuesday.

One the the Horry County precincts is changing for this race only. The East Loris precinct will vote at Loris High School, instead of at the Elementary School as you normally would.

Polls will be open from 7am - 7pm. You can find your polling location on the South Carolina Election Commission website.

You need one form of ID to vote. That can be your voter registration card, your driver's license, or a DMV issued ID card.

To vote in the runoff, you have to vote for the same party as you did in the primary election. If you didn't vote in the primary election two weeks ago, you will have to choose a party.

NewsChannel 15 will have results for you throughout the night Tuesday, as well as here on