Inaugural 'Truck Rodeo' at Darlington Raceway raises safe driving awareness

Inaugural 'truck rodeo' at Darlington Raceway

The first-ever 'Truck Rodeo' was held Saturday at Darlington Raceway to increase safe driving awareness for both trucks and cars.

Organizers explained that the free event was also held to remind teen drivers about the hazards of large trucks and buses. One of the event's goals was to reduce distracted driving.

"With today's technology, you have the texting going on, the cell phones going on and there's not a lot of attention for new drivers to say oh hey I'm driving by a truck that weighs 80,000 pounds or a bus that weighs 40,000 pounds and we want to bring that awareness to the public so we can keep these roads safe for everybody, " explained event organizer David Mastrodomenico.

Mastrodomenico added that Saturday's rodeo was also a chance for area truck drivers to receive recognition for the professionalism required to safely operate a truck.

Twenty drivers got a chance to compete in seven truck exercises including parallel parking a big rig and other tough driving situations that they are faced with on a regular basis out on the roads.

Organizers say they plan on making the rodeo an annual event.