If you own rental property in Horry County, your taxes may go up

The Horry County Auditor's Office announced Friday a proposed bill in the state Senate would require people who rent out their property for any length of time to pay personal property taxes for items such as furniture and household appliances.


he tax on these items is assessed at 10.5 percent of their value, and the fee would be in addition to the 4 percent or 6 percent tax rate on homes.


he bill stemmed from the idea that many who rent out their homes don't pay proper taxes to begin with.



f you have any questions, please call us. We can send the forms to you. We can help you out anyway we can. We just need to know you're there, because I don't want to find you five years from now and tax you all at once," said Tiffany Mitchell with the Horry County Auditor's Office.

the bill passes, those not in compliance will face a fine.