Pawleys Island picks up after Irma rolls through: 'All the trees were horizontal'

"I don’t want to see what a hurricane is," Kira Krewson said. (Sydney Glenn/WPDE)

Although Pawleys Island wasn't in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, the island still felt some of the storm's fury.

There were power outages, flooded houses and closed roads. On Tuesday, crews were out assessing the damage.

The main problem Monday was the storm surge brought in by Irma.

The Krewson family was orgionally supposed to spend the week in Florida for a beach vacation, but when the hurricane started moving that way they had to come up with plan B.

“We usually go every year to Cape San Blas, Florida--its on the panhandle. We basically got a call Saturday morning that--we were about to head down there--they were evacuating," Kira Krewson said.

The family decided to instead spend the week in Pawleys Island.

“So, we called up here, they were like, 'Yeah, it’s going to be okay this way,'" she said.

Instead of a relaxing few days at the beach, they experienced storm surge, flooded roads and power outages.

“The waves were just wild and the wind was blowing and all the trees were horizontal," John Krewson said.

The family watched as the storm moved in.

“It was insanely windy, just hitting up against the house, pushing the ocean water into the house," Kira said.

Luckily, we didn't see anything like those in Huricane Irma's direct path.

“If that’s not a hurricane or a tropical storm, I don’t want to see what a hurricane is," Kira said.

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