Husband shot, wife beaten in Lamar home invasion

Brittany Amerson and her cousin Jessica Poarch say they feel like the last few hours have been a nightmare.

"Feel like I've been in a dream all night. Doesn't feel real," said Amerson.

Late Sunday night, Amerson arrived at her grandparents' house on Pine Street in Lamar to check on them, but before she could get inside she heard her grandmother crying.

"I scream through the door, said what's going on, and she stumbled to the door and could open the best she could and she said my grandpa's been shot and she told me to run and get help," Amerson said.

Amerson ran a few doors down to Poarch's house.

"She said Papa's been shot and he's laying on the floor in a pool of blood, so I automatically called 911," explained Poarch.

Both women went back to their grandparents' home, where their grandmother told them two armed men broke into the house and demanded money.

Amerson said their grandmother, 67, was beaten with a shot gun. When their grandfather, 70, struggled with one of the men for the gun, he was shot.

"I was crying. He was crying and he was telling me you know I'm not gone make it, I'm not gone make it through this. Me and my cousin was telling him yes you will don't say that just hold on, just keep on breathing," said Poarch.

The women say their grandfather was more concerned about his wife of 50 years.

"He looked at my grandmother and said - are you okay? He was worried about her more than he was himself," Poarch said.

"He just survived cancer and he just went back for a checkup, and he might have it again and then he has to get shot" said Amerson.

They say their grandfather's condition is very serious , but their grandmother is expected to be okay.

Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd called the crime senseless.

"It's completely uncalled for. There's no excuse for it, you know. We're gone do everything we can to track these people down, said Sheriff Byrd.

If you have any information on this incident, you're asked to call the Darlington County Sheriff's Office at (843) 398-4501.