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      Hurricane relief drive set for Sunday, donations needed

      The group Coastal Carolina Shields is holding a hurricane relief drive Sunday, November 4. They want to fill up a 24 foot truck with supplies for the relief effort in New York to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

      If you'd like to drop off donations, the drive is being held at the Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet from 8 a.m. until.

      They are collecting:

      * Bleach

      * Diapers

      *Masks, N95 rated because of mold

      * Socks

      * Boots

      *Rubber g loves for cleanup

      * Regular gloves

      *P aper products and plastic utensils

      *G arbage bags

      * Batteries

      * Flashlights

      * Generators

      * Protein bars

      *B rooms

      *P et food

      *F abric softener

      *L ysol wipes

      *C anned goods

      *B aby formula

      *F eminine hygiene products

      Coastal Carolina Shields is a fraternal group of retired law enforcement officers.