Spreading kindness one rock and one painting at a time

Painted rocks are popping up across the nation, including along the Grand Strand. (Amanda Kinseth/WPDE)

If you're looking for a new outdoor activity, some say you should try something that may sound boring at first glance -- searching for rocks.

It's the newest trend in outdoor games, and it all started as part of the Kindness Rocks Project.

The instructions for the project are simple: paint a rock, leave a clue about where to find it, or hide the rock in plain sight.

For parents on the Grand Strand, it's a fun way to stop summer break boredom and get everyone out in the sun.

"It's just a way to get the kids out and doing things instead of sitting at home and stuff," said Angela Perritt, a mom of three local rock hunters. "We get to get out and see the city and look at places that we haven't seen before."

The Perritt family is searching far and wide for any painted rocks that have been hidden along the Grand Strand.

"I found one of them!" said Mason, an 8-year-old rock hunter. "We found a minion one, a strawberry one, and a happy rock."

Amber Forrester is one of the many people painting and planting rocks in the area. She created the Horry County Rocks group on Facebook.

"It gives children something to do. It keeps them off the street. It makes me happy," said Forrester. "It gives them an artistic side. It makes them excited to share their work."

Anyone can paint and plant a rock, and you never know when and where you're going to spot one.

If you find a painted rock, you're asked to share it on social media and tag the painter if that information was provided. That way, painters can track their treasure and keep the fun going.

Next comes the re-hide so someone else can experience the delight of discovery.

You can join local 'rocks' Facebook groups for hints on where to find hidden rocks. Try searching for your town, city, or community followed by "rocks."

To learn more about the Kindess Rocks Project, click here.

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