Hundreds ride in Conway on bikes

One day after thousands of endurance athletes ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon, hundreds took to the streets again today.

Bike enthusiasts traveled Conway streets in the name of charity.

This year marked the second annual Conway bike ride.

Prior to that, the fundraiser was held on the beach. The fundraiser has posed some challenges for organizers. Two years ago, they split from the Myrtle Beach marathon, loosing hundreds of participants.

"Myrtle Beach that they not be committed to the 5th day of the marathon.So that's how we ended up here in Conway," said Scott Royce, Race director. "Hopefully we can grow it because we suffer from not being at the beach but I think the more people are exposed to Conway the more they're going to like riding on these empty country roads."

Riders could chose three course at the bike ride-ranging from 14.2 to 63 miles long.

"You got to train on a weekly basis, you got to get out and ride as much as possible. You have long rides and short hard rides,riding with a group helps," rider Camron Shodja said.

The ride raises money to go to Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs. They work with folks with developmental disabilities to include mental retardation, head and spinal cord injuries and autism.

"These folks that participate in this organization my not have family to fall back on and Horry County disabilities and Special Needs may be their only helping hand," said Co-executive Director George Ulrich.

Organizers hope to give from 8 to 10,000 to the non profit from the bike race this year.