Hundreds of Mustangs rolling in Myrtle Beach

More than 2,500 Mustangs and their owners rolled into North Myrtle Beach to celebrate the 11th year of Mustang Week.

Mustang enthusiasts say the show is more than just a presentation of sports cars.

"It just means the world to me," said Nathan Wimbrow next to his '99 Cobra.

"I love this car," said Bill Muntz propped up against his '65 Shelby.

"I've had a Mustang ever since I've had a driver's license," said Steve Mcpherson in his '70 Boss.

"People look at this event as a family reunion, where your only tie to them is a car make. You know the Ford Mustang," said one of the event's founders, Brad Worley.

Worley believes it's all the different types of Mustangs that make the event special.

Since 1964, there's been lots of different makes and models of the classic car, but the Mustang faithful says the one thing that hasn't changed is the sound of its engine.

"It doesn't matter what year they're from," said Muntz,"They just all have that sound that every Mustang lover can hear from 20 miles away."

But to keep that roar going takes a lot of maintenance.

"I try to keep a coat of wax on it every week," said Wimbrow.

"It's a constant battle no matter what year the car is to keep the car running and looking good," said Muntz. "It truly is a labor of love."

Many of the owners said their love of the Mustang is because it's American to the core.

"Very few things are made in America, and this Mustang was made in America," said Muntz

"It's a piece of Americana," said Worley. "Something that's as American as baseball, something as apple pie and sweet tea in the South. That car exemplifies something that this country has always been."

Organizers said they will return next year and hope even more people take part.