Hundreds of cats on the move from Horry County animal sanctuary

Judge Bradley Mayers hears from the Horry County Solicitor's Office and from representatives of the Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary.

Tuesday morning, Judge Bradley Mayers signed a temporary order to remove 300 cats from the Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary.

Now it will be up to Horry County to care for the animals.

Horry County Solicitor Gregg Hembree asked for the cats to be removed after getting reports from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA says the cats were not being cared for properly, causing them health problems and in some cases death.

Judge Mayers says the state has the care and means to take custody of animals and because of media coverage, these cats will be adopted. But they can not be adopted until the case goes to trial.

Elizabeth Owen runs the sanctuary. She says 30 of the cats are her personal pets. She also owns a dog. Judge Mayers says once those animals are checked by a veterinarian, she will be able to get them back.

Horry County held a news conference Tuesday afternoon to announce its plans to deal with the influx of 300 cats.

For space and health reasons, the cats will be housed at a vacant EMS station in the Socastee area, where they will be evaluated by a veterinarian. Officials at the Horry County Animal Care Center were concerned about putting the Sacred Vision cats alongside cats already at the county shelter. Volunteers and staff from the shelter will care for the Sacred Vision cats at the old EMS station.

Shelter officials say they have received donations from private individuals as well as Pet Smart.You can read our original story Sacred Vision here.