Humane society animals trained to help war vets

The Grand Strand Humane Society is not only helping animals find homes they are also extending their services to veterans.

About 20 dogs are being trained so they can become service dogs for vets suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Trainer Rick Kaplan has been working with the dogs for about a month. He has 30 years of experience with training animals. He says the dogs will be good for those suffering from PTSD, "they learn to groom the dog, train the dog, and it's a great facility to get back into normal life patterns." He goes on to say working with the animals is a life changing experience.

Executive Director Sandy Brown is just as excited, "for us to be able to put our wonderful beloved animals with our veterans and improve both their lives is something, a program we never expected and it means so much to us and our animals."

The Grand Strand Humane Society is looking for veterans to join the free program. If interested in signing up for the training you can call Richard Kaplan at (917) 575-6235 or email him at