How would you like a birthday just once every four years?

Babies born today share a common bond. Their birthdays are on leap day, that extra day in February that comes around every four years.

The Vitale family, of Myrtle Beach, is beaming over their new little one, Gemma, born today.

Older sister Gianna stayed with her parents to welcome her new little sister into the world, although she wanted to be at school celebrating Dr. Seuss week.

"She was torn because she said both are very important, the baby and the green eggs and ham. But I guess we won out in the end," says mom Marielle Vitale.

Marielle's first child was delivered by emergency C-section so Gemma was also delivered that way.

The family had a choice between three dates and leap day won out in the end.

"I never thought that it was that big a deal. I guess I always looked at it from the way that it's a special day and you get to have an even more special birthday you know every four years," says Vitale.

The Vitale's did not find out the sex of the baby until today, when she was born. Edward, Gemma's dad, was flooded with emotion once they found out.

"You start thinking months, years down the road because unless you've had a child of your own you don't realize they grow up so fast," says dad Edward Vitale.

The couple now has three children. The Vitales say their family is complete and Gemma's arrival on leap day makes it a special ending.