How to tip for the holidays

Many people use the Christmas season as a time to give a little extra to people they might take for granted during much of the year. Its not uncommon for people to tip mail carriers, building maintenance worker, baristas or hairdressers/barbers.

"We definitely see it, we have a very family oriented barber shop in here and we see that they like us and they tend to tip more," said Karen Mays, owner of the Captain's Chair Barber Shop in Myrtle Beach. "We find ourselves getting anywhere from $10 to $100 at Christmas time for a special thank you."

According to a protocol expert quoted in USA Today, there are some basic guidelines to giving a little bonus this holiday season:

1) Barista: $10-$20

2) Paper Boy $10-$30

3) Housekeeper: One Weeks Pay

4) Building Handyman: $20-$50

5) Hairdresser/Barber: Cost of one haircut

NewsChannel 15 also spoke via e-mail with Dianne Marsch, head of the Etiquette School of the Carolinas. "Monetary gifts aren't the only way to show appreciation. A hand-written note of thanks can be very meaningful and enjoyed throughout the year. One can offer to take a neighbor to a doctor's appointment, or go to the grocery store for someone, give a homemade gift of food or invite someone who is alone to share Christmas dinner with you and your family, or give a craft, but personalize it to their interests, if possible," she wrote.

No matter what kind of gift, Mays says she appreciates both receiving and giving to her regular customers. "Oh we definitely appreciate it. It tells us that we're doing a good job and that they love us and they tell more people about us and they think that we're the best," she said. "It just gets you in the holiday spirit, makes you feel good to give to someone thats been giving to you all year long."