How to sign up for new SC tax hack protection

Those who've paid state taxes electronically in South Carolina since 1998, can now enroll in the stateâ??s newest credit monitoring program.

After the tax returns of millions of people were compromised when the Department of Revenue computer servers were hacked last year, the state offered free credit monitoring through Experian. Now the state is going with a new company, CSID, to provide those services.

People will have to pay to extend Experianâ??s service, or sign up through the new company, CSID, for free services.

The Department of Revenue said CSID will monitor a wider array of databases to detect the fraudulent use of personal information, which includes chat rooms where cyber thieves will sometimes buy and sell identity information.

To enroll, click here.

CSID also allows people to work with a restoration specialist to get your identity restored.

CSID is available to any individual who filed a state tax return ELECTRONICALLY from 1998 to 2012. After the hack, the state determined the hackers only compromised the information of electronic filers, not those who filed paper returns. If you filed by paper return, you will not be eligible for this coverage, like you were with Experian. Experian credit monitoring was open to everyone in South Carolina, because at the time, the state was not sure who was affected. Now, because they have narrowed that down, they're only offering the CSID protection to those who were affected, i.e. those who filed electronically.

Last August and September, more than 3.8 million people's personal information was compromised when the South Carolina Department of Revenue's computer servers were hacked.

Local attorney, Ray Winters, who handles tax-related matters, told WPDE NewsChannel 15 heâ??d recommend taking advantage of the service the state is offering. However, he said to keep in mind that there's only so much a program can do to protect you.

â??If they're not already checking their own credit report on a regular basis, to check their credit report on their own to make sure there is not anything going on,â?? Winters said.

The deadline to enroll is Oct. 1 2014.

According to Governor Nikki Haleyâ??s office spokesman, Doug Mayer, there have been no confirmed cases of identity or credit theft directly related to the Department of Revenue hacking.

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