House Ethics panel clears SC Gov Haley again

      The House Ethics Committee has cleared South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley of charges she illegally lobbied while a member of the House.

      It represents the panel's second dismissal of the case in two months.

      The committee vote Friday followed two hours of behind-closed-doors deliberations.

      Haley said Thursday she did nothing wrong in her previous jobs as a fundraiser for Lexington Medical Center's nonprofit and a consultant for engineering firm Wilbur Smith Associates. She was among 11 witnesses who testified.

      The Republican activist who brought the charges against the first-term Republican governor was subpoenaed but never called to testify. John Rainey was sequestered throughout the 12-hour hearing.

      The committee voted May 2 to dismiss the charges, immediately after finding probable cause existed. It reopened the case four weeks later.