Hotline created after Socastee shooting ringing, but not often

One year has passed since then 15-year-old Christian Helms brought his father's revolver to school with the hopes of creating another Columbine-style school shooting.

Helms pleaded guilty to attempted murder, and a judge sentenced him to six years.

In an effort to stop such instances from happening again, the Horry County School District created a bullying hotline where anyone could anonymously tip off authorities.

Since its creation last year, the hotline received eleven reports.

"The first hotline was a service and not locally managed," said Horry County School's spokesperson Teal Britton. "It referred calls back to us."

In the eight months the hotline was outsourced, the line received ten calls, half of which the county were able to follow up on, said Britton.

The school district then worked with the Horry County Police Department to set up a new bullying hotline that is maintained by the county.

The police department wanted to keep the information local, said Britton. Anyone wanting to report an incident should call 915-SROS.

"We've had one call in the past month," said Horry County Police Sergeant Robert Kegler. "We're continuously monitoring the line."

What do you think of the hotline? Will it prevent serious school attacks?